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St. Eval

St. Eval

The art of beautiful candles...

Nestled on a farm in the heart of North Cornwall, St. Eval create artisan fragrances and specialise in luxury candles, diffusers and hand care products. Their unique fragrances, wax blends and pot styles are inspired by nature and the beautiful Cornish countryside. From the rolling Atlantic waves, to the bright gorse bushes along the coastal paths and meadows of wildflowers bursting with colour. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature in Cornwall, it’s not surprising this inspires their new collections and a desire to protect the natural world.

St. Eval proudly produce their  own sustainable energy via wind, solar and biomass; helping to reduce the important carbon footprint and impact on the environment. In 2011, the UK’s quietest Wind Turbine was erected on their farm which, alongside solar panels and a biomass boiler, helps to produce enough energy to power the entire factory. The innovative triple energy solution integrates wind, solar and biomass energy power to heat buildings and the water used on-site, in addition to a ‘water-to-air space heater’ heats the air in the warehouse.  The latter reduces energy consumption as well as feeding surplus electricity back into the local grid to serve the  local community.

People and planet are at the heart of everything for St. Eval. Reduce, reuse, renew and recycle is the company-wide policy and culture. Blessed with loyal customers, St. Eval listen carefully to their wishes, adapting and evolving just like our changing countryside through the seasons.  With sustainability at the forefront of their focus, they continue to invest in people and infrastructure to allow the company to follow through on its commitment to “tread lightly on the environment”.

St. Eval’s products are made with an emphasis on sustainability and they have recently been honoured with a Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, the first-ever Queen's Award for a candle manufacturer representing the highest accolade for business success and sustainability.

Smell is a strong sense, powerfully acting on the limbic part of our brain which controls emotions, memories and stimulation. When we surround ourselves with beautiful scents from nature, we can evoke wonderful feelings, helping to improve both wellbeing and happiness. St. Eval work hard to create collections and fragrances to help create special moments and spark happy memories – that is the essence of a St. Eval candle.

St. Eval’s enchanting Christmas Collection is home to new whimsical designs for their festive tins and tealights each with a beautiful illustration telling a different story  and special silver and gold adornments for added sparkle. Discover the comforting winter delights of sweet and fruity Figgy Pudding, spicy Inspiritus, warming Orange & Cinnamon and earthy, herbal Winter Thyme. Bring festive cheer into your home with their elegant Winter Woodland pots; inspired by winter wildlife and home to a charming trio of Reindeer, Robin and Hare candles each with a unique St. Eval fragrance. Adorn your home with St. Eval’s Winter Star candles, featuring a soft grey pot with twinkling stars resembling a clear winters night sky; perfect to add a festive touch to the home.

Plus, new for 2021, their White Christmas candles are more dazzling than ever with an enhanced gold finish to beautifully complement your festive home décor.

New for 2021, St. Eval’s Lavender & Sage Botanical Hand Care range is perfect for nature lovers. Made with a unique blend of 100% naturally derived ingredients and pure essential oils for calming, balancing, and healing effects, this range is vegan friendly and paraben-free with recyclable packaging. The perfect gift for Christmas, for you or your family.

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Valid until 31st December 2021.

The art of beautiful candles.
W:  |  T:  01841 540 850   |  E:
St Eval Candle Company, Engollan, St Eval, Cornwall PL27 7UL

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